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A storyteller from a very young age, Max started theatre when he was still in elementary school, but it wasn’t until his mid-twenties that he took the decision to pursue his passion for the arts as a career.


Over the last decade, Max created a name for himself as an actor, and also as a stuntman. He took part in many productions including feature films like X-MEN: Dark Phoenix, the new series Three Pines and he was also offered the part of Martin Baldwyn in season 2 of The Art of More alongside Kate Bosworth and Dennis Quaid. He takes the recurring role of Eric Berube in the French-Canadian series Mensonges; and he often works as a motion capture performer in many video games including Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed franchise, Ghost Recon, and For Honor on which he incarnates a variety of different warriors from all over the fictitious world.


When Max isn't acting or "stunting", he enjoys seeking adrenaline-filled activities. Riding down a mountain on a snowboard, surfing the ocean or jumping out of airplanes from 13 000 feet, are some of his hobbies. That... and moviemaking. He wrote, produced and acted in his first feature film, The Badge (which is now available on Itunes. wink, wink.) where he portrays Martin Goulet, a reckless detective in a corrupted city doing what he can to get by, co-starring Vincent Leclerc and under the direction of Joseph-Antoine Clavet.


Max currently resides in Montreal, Canada where he is working on a theatre production as well as a new series and a feature film.

Follow him on his social media channels to find out more. 


2010 - present

2010 - present

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